Our first tenet of art collecting is simple: if you see a piece and you can't stop thinking about it for days or weeks, then you should consider buying it—much more than buying something because the artist is popular. Use your intuition to always buy what you love, but also don't shy away from difficult imagery—you may learn the most from having those more challenging pieces in your daily life.

If the cost of a certain piece feels overwhelming at first, ask us if you can set up a payment plan. Paying smaller increments over time will relieve some of the burden of a large purchase, and will make the day when you finally bring the piece into your home that much more special.

If possible, make personal connections with artists. Attend talks, openings, and other events to meet the makers of the works you are thinking about purchasing. Get to know the work on a deeper level by asking questions about process, subject matter, and inspiration.

Beyond buying what you love it is also important to consider the broader positive effects of collecting art. When you purchase a painting, sculpture, photograph, and so forth, you are supporting ideas and creativity, not just of the individual maker but of a larger circle. Every purchase ricochets, especially in a small community such as Portland, and affects more than just the one artist—it creates a culture of collecting in which art and ideas are valued in a very tangible way.

This page represents a sample of the work from past shows you can find in our backroom gallery. Visit us at 3360 SE Division to see more pieces or feel free to contact us for more information, either by filling the following form or by emailing us at

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