On view November 4 - December 4, 2011
Opening reception First Friday November 4, 6-8pm

Like Sartre on shrooms, the playful illustrations in Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun’s second exhibition at Nationale, Bone Less, revel in the absurdity of the human condition. Amidst trippy watercolor swirls and jarring geometrical patterns, his ragtag crew of skater punks, bug-eyed wanderers, aliens and cartoon dogs grapple with the surrounding world through humorous, oſten foul-mouthed, expressions of youthful rebellion. Kriksciun’s unabashedly simple drawings harken to the dazed doodles of a suburban teen, transforming his subjects’ existential and anarchist tendencies into SoCal assertions of joyous self-expression. Shaka a cop, moon your neighbor- life demands the occasional LOL.

In addition to Kriksciun’s framed works, Bone Less will also include smaller digital drawings “faxed” over to the gallery by the artist on a daily basis.

Recent Portland resident Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. A self- proclaimed “artist via skateboarding,” Kriksciun’s work attempts to question the norm through humor and a devilish dash of barbed naivety. His work has been previously shown at Portland’s Half & Half, Holocene and Stumptown. He last exhibited at Nationale in 2009.


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