On view July 26–August 3, 2015
Opening reception Sunday, July 26 (2–5 p.m.)

Just because things are no longer like they used to be and your friends have moved away and you get sad when you wear the cool shirts they made for you doesn't mean you can't get that feeling back. It's our way to respond to the $1400/month dumpy one bedroom apartments and to the small house they're flipping at the end of the street that will get on the market for $600K and that a bunch of people will fight for: WE'VE INVITED OUR DEAR FRIEND JEFFREY TO SPEND A WEEK WITH US AT THE END OF JULY. During his residency at Nationale he'll make a batch of his highly coveted bleached shirts, as well as a new installation, that will make you forget for a second that it's no longer the Portland of 2002. So come hang out with him Sunday, July 26 (2–5 p.m.). Music by Brian Mumford and refreshments generously provided by Spielman Bagels!

Following a nomadic zeal for new territories and experiences, Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun is an artist currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. An experimenter of sorts, naivete is his philosophy and the zine the main container for his musings, the latest being Fragile Jazz published by the Zurich-based Nieves. His visual art was previously shown at Nationale in 2009, 2011, and 2014.