PAULUS KAPTEYN // the pursuit of happiness


On view May 4 - May 29, 2011
Opening reception First Friday May 6th, 6pm - 9pm

For The Pursuit of Happiness, his first solo exhibition at Nationale, Paulus Kapteyn assumes the role of a modern muckraker in order to investigate the lurking repercussions of unchecked corruption. Utilizing a playful aesthetic to delineate his subjects’ subversive, oſten menacing, postures, Kapteyn reveals a sinister correlation between political upheaval and social perversion. However, discontent with publicizing his findings alone, Kapteyn presents them here as an unabashedly personal plea for action.


Born in Amsterdam, Paulus Kapteyn received his Master of Fine Arts in 2004 from New York University. His artwork has been previously shown in both New York and San Francisco while his poetry has been published in such magazines as Subliminal Interiors and Slingshot. Kapteyn currently resides in Portland, OR.

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