RIKKI ROTHENBERG // goodbye, rikki. goodbye, rikki.

On view May 30 - July 8, 2012
Opening reception First Friday June 1, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

For her third solo exhibition at Nationale, Goodbye, Rikki. Goodbye, Rikki., Rikki Rothenberg presents an intimate mixture of dream-based symbolism and corporeal imagery. Working with her characteristic medium of glitter on paper, Rothenberg’s shimmering facades immediately catch the eye. However, her intriguing forms are what truly transfix the viewer. Hazy clouds, at times in muted Portland palettes, dance across the white background and combine into elemental patterns, echoing unconscious forces. Similarly, enigmatic statements written in bulbous fonts seem to materialize upon the paper, offering unexpected observations on perhaps hidden longings. While removed from the representational aesthetic of Rothenberg’s previous work, these mysterious gestures ultimately reveal more in terms of a subject. For her amorphous camouflages are no less than self-portraits, subtly revealing the artist’s unique presence in, and engagement with, the surrounding world.

A native of Marblehead, MA, Rikki Rothenberg earned her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2004. Aſter moving to Portland, OR in 2005, she co-founded the performance group Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner with Katie Arrants and Kathleen Keogh. Together they have presented work at the Performática Festival in Mexico, Bumbershoot in Seattle, the Portland2010 Biennial (in collaboration with Oregon Painting Society), and PICA's TBA festival. Simultaneously, Rothenberg has continued her visual arts practice and her work has been shown in group exhibitions in various Portland galleries, including New American Art Union. Rothenberg is represented by Nationale.

In conjunction with this exhibition, Rothenberg has asked Seattle-based performer Allie Hankins to present an excerpt from her solo piece Like a Sun That Pours Forth Light but Never Warmth on Saturday, June 23rd. More information can be found HERE. Rothenberg herself will perform at Nationale on June 8th with Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner.

“Goodbye, Rikki,” “Goodbye, Rikki”, Herb Shop Dream     February 11, 2012

I am on Grand near Stark/Oak in southeast, I am on my way home, it is early morning.  _____ sends me a text to meet up with him, he is on the next block, we hang out on the sidewalk, _____ is hanging out with us too.  It is getting hot, summer heat coming on.  _____ suggests breakfast at the place we are standing outside of, they go inside, I did not feel invited so I stay outside.  After a few minutes I decide to wander around.  Inside the lobby of the building I see a sign, Rikki’s Herbs, above a door that is slightly ajar.  I walk over to the door I can’t believe I  have never been inside this building, it seems like a real old Portland gem.  I walk up to the door and peek inside, an older man is standing behind a wood and glass case counter, are you open? I ask.  Not yet, he says. Oh, I say.  I just saw your sign, are you Rikki? I ask, Yes, he says. Oh well we have the same name and spelling.  I have entered and it seems fine.  Oh, he says interested.  I have never met another Rikki spelled that way.  I am looking around, it is so neat, there are herbs in cases and books, and when you walk in, perpendicular to the counter is a sort of chalkboard menu the width of the store, above. It is a juice menu, plus other stuff.  I see there is Vampire Blood, like the name of the juice in Mexico City I loved.  It is beet red, with carrots and maybe some apples.  I ask him if he ever puts bee pollen on top of the juice? He hasn’t but will crush some up to put on top.  _____ (_____’s boyfriend) is working here, he is cleaning, and doing handiwork.  It is such a beautiful store, I can not believe I have never been here.  ______ is at the door, she has been here before, it seems like a museum, like the old Harvard museum with all the wood drawers and shelves, and with the juices and snacks, it is just perfect.  There are also a panel of windows, old small panes and prop open - across from the counter.  Old white guy, white hair, funny face.  As I am leaving, walking out the door, I hear “Goodbye, Rikki” in a sing songy pleasant tune, it makes me smile and I say “Goodbye, Rikki.”  ______’s ex, _______ is behind me on her way out too.  I feel less occupied by that thought now, I feel special- and I have never had the opportunity to say goodbye to someone with my name before.  It is joyful.

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