Congratulations to represented artists Emily Counts, Ty Ennis, and Elizabeth Malaska on their Project Grant awards for 2016 from RACC. This funding will make a significant difference for these full time working artists and/or young parents preparing for solo exhibitions this coming year.

Emily Counts / Solo Exhibition / Artistic Focus / Visual Arts ($3,609)
I am seeking funding to create a body of work for a solo exhibition at Carl & Sloan Contemporary in mid March through April 2016. This exhibition will consist of small and large-scale abstract sculptures in a variety of media including wood, concrete and bronze, with an emphasis on ceramics. The works will explore themes of connectivity and fluidity in biology, technology and culture. With these new sculptures I will expand my ongoing experimentation with sequenced, stacked and connected objects. My goal is to create for the viewer an environment that suggests a narrative format, within each sculpture and throughout the gallery space, without the use of representational forms. Wall mounted pieces in various sizes will surround a large central freestanding sculpture. It will be my tallest and most complex sculpture I have created to date, comprised of stacked individual objects that decrease dramatically in size as they rise in a 7-foot column. I believe this piece especially is necessary for my creative development and that it will be a powerful focal point for the entire exhibition.

Ty Ennis / Solo Exhibition / Artistic Focus / Visual Arts ($ 3,855)
For my March 2016 exhibition at Nationale, a gallery, shop, and performance space on Southeast Division Street in Portland, I will be working on my first solo show since becoming a father in 2013. The project currently consists of small black & white paintings on canvas that explore my present day-to-day life as an artist and young father with a full-time day job. Like most of my past work, they tell individual stories that are all part of a larger personal and reflective narrative. The final body of work presented will consist of 12 professionally framed acrylic paintings. The framing is key to my conceptual vision for the exhibition, as each frame will be sprayed a different color to match a certain detail in each painting. I will also produce a catalog in conjunction with the show that will include personal writings, reproductions of the work, and an essay by a commissioned writer. There will be a public reception at the gallery, an artist talk and conversation with the Assistant Director, and a private tour of the exhibition with a Q&A for students of PNCA (my alma mater).

Elizabeth Malaska / When We Dead Awaken II / Artistic Focus / Visual Arts ($ 4,612)
When We Dead Awaken II is an exhibition of paintings by myself, Elizabeth Malaska, to debut at Nationale in September of 2016. Nationale is a gallery, shop, and performance space located in southeast Portland. The show will consist of eight paintings on canvas: three large scale, two medium scale, three small scale.
The main themes of this body of work are a reexamination of the nude female body in the history of painting and a critique of the current global culture of patriarchal aggression. These issues are addressed in the work through subject matter, specific use of materials, and strategic employment of technique. I began this body of work in the winter of 2013. The first installment of seven paintings was presented at Nationale in November, 2014. In Winter, 2017 I will show the entire series (parts I and II) at PCC Sylvania Campus’ North View Gallery. The upcoming Nationale show will include a public reception. I will also host a gallery talk open to the community, and two lectures with student groups from OCAC and PNCA. All talks will take place in situ at Nationale.