Beacon Sound/Nationale changes afoot

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We want to let our community know that the collaborative space at 15 SE 22nd Avenue will be moving forward differently than we had originally envisioned. We discovered in late June that the space was not rated for retail occupancy, which set in motion an entirely different, and much more grueling, permit process than we were expecting. What should have been a relatively quick buildout with a grand re-opening for both Beacon Sound and Nationale on September 1, turned into an extended process that is still underway. 

Because of the delays and uncertainty surrounding the SE 22nd Avenue space, Beacon Sound was forced to pull out of the lease when it became clear that the record shop would be out of business for all of October and likely into November, crucial autumn sales months. Beacon Sound will instead be reopening on October 10 at 207 SE Grand Avenue.

Nationale—which has been temporarily closed since it moved out of its Division location at the end of August—is staying the course with the 15 SE 22nd Avenue space and will be reopening after permit approval and buildout. In the meantime, the gallery is presenting a pop-up exhibition at PDX Contemporary Art in the PDX Window Project, featuring works from its forthcoming exhibition with Aruni Dharmakirthi.

We originally discussed bringing Nationale and Beacon Sound together 5 years ago so it definitely hurts to have our best laid plans fall apart this time. Both of us operate our respective businesses with a similarly scrappy attitude and a fierce determination to facilitate in-the-flesh community and push contemporary art and music forward in a challenging economy. We intend to continue doing exactly that and will explore all opportunities to collaborate even if it doesn’t mean sharing a physical space at this point in time. We hope you will continue to support us in our respective locations and offer up our sincerest gratitude in advance. In the meantime, please follow our Instagram accounts for updates and details as they develop. Feel free to contact us directly as well.

Andrew Neerman (Beacon Sound) and May Barruel (Nationale)

Beacon Sound
207 SE Grand Avenue

15 SE 22nd Avenue