lindsay kennedy


Phone Porn , 2015, oil on air dry clay, 7 x 4.5"

Phone Porn, 2015, oil on air dry clay, 7 x 4.5"

Please join us this Sunday, January 10 (1—4pm) for the reception of Relaxo Patio, Lindsay Kennedy's third solo exhibition at Nationale. Inspired by the lush life of Miami Beach, Relaxo Patio with its pastels abstractions and luxurious floral textures, is a welcome visual respite from the icy, grey days of winter. The exhibit showcases Kennedy's diverse yet fully realized style, as it fluctuates between the grid-like "knit" paintings composed of hundreds of dabs of paint, alongside paintings of looser, textured brushstrokes. 



Happy Monday from the backroom!

Happy Monday from the backroom!

A big thank you to Katie Behel for gifting us a large pedestal/storage box. It was a great excuse to move pieces around on the walls and reveal yet another version of the backroom gallery. More information about older pieces can be found on our "COLLECTING" page.